Bothell class of 2014: Andrew

Oct 9, 2013 | Posted by

Andrew is finishing his last year of high school at Bothell High. His mom and I work together so we both agreed that UW would be a lovely backdrop for his photos.

He wasn’t too keen on having his photos taken, however, he totally loosened up once we got goin’ and I thinnnnnk it’d even be safe to say that he had a good time. :)

AndrewPetritz_100313_002-2__web AndrewPetritz_100313_062__web AndrewPetritz_100313_052__web AndrewPetritz_100313_064__web AndrewPetritz_100313_087__web AndrewPetritz_100313_081__web AndrewPetritz_100313_092__web AndrewPetritz_100313_116__web AndrewPetritz_100313_101__web AndrewPetritz_100313_118__web AndrewPetritz_100313_127__web Congratulations with your last year, Andrew!